Laundry machines

MMB GmbH Kändler has been operating since 1996 as a supplier and service provider in the field of washing and cleaning equipment.

Our customer base includes private and industrial laundry and cleaning companies at home and abroad. Thanks to its wide range of products and services, MMB GmbH is a supplier for both small-sized and large-sized laundry enterprises.

Our highly qualified and experienced team of project engineers and technicians is at your disposal for solving your specific tasks. Our scope of services includes trading, consulting, planning, installing and servicing. In general, as well as the following services, in particular:

  • purchase and sale of second-hand machines and equipment for cleaning flat linen and laundry to be shaped; our 600 m² storeroom holds second-hand machines that may be visited at all times;
  • repair and regeneration of machines and equipment: washing, drying, mangling and finishing equipment is reworked and given an as-new condition in our 300 m² specialized workshop where the equipment's original functional and quality features are fully re-established;
  • maintenance, keeping up to date, and inspection of machines and equipment according to regulations UVV "Wäscherei" (BGR 500);
  • spare parts trade;
  • consulting, planning and design of small, medium and large-sized laundries, optimization of washing processes and their adaption to ever-changing requirements;
  • consulting on energy saving and environmental protection by using heat and water recovery systems.