MMB GmbH Kändler was established in the industrial centre of Chemnitz in November, 1991.

The aim of the company incorporators was to continue the long-standing traditions of the textile and plastic machinery industries of the Chemnitz area.

For this reason, business activities were focussed on dismounting and remounting machinery and equipment and on performing associated engineering services. In the years following its foundation till now, the company has opened up additional areas of activities.

The willingness and innovative efforts of our employees are instrumental to reaching corporate objectives characterized by the following priorities:

  • customer-oriented execution of orders aimed at offering optimal price-performance-ratios;
  • forward development and expansion of the company's areas of activity;
  • in-house development of products focussing on laundry equipment;
  • safeguarding of our employee's jobs.

Consolidating our areas of business, we have been able to double sales since the company's foundation while maintaining the number of staff members (15) at the same level.

To cope with the new challenges in the fields of regenerating, repairing, renewing and streamlining of laundry machines, MMB GmbH acquired a large-sized and well-equipped commercial estate at the outskirts of Chemnitz. This acquisition considerably improves the conditions of performing orders to the fullest satisfaction of our customers. The company's geographical is ideally suited to optimal serve our customer base and perform transportation from and to the company in an un-complicated and cost-effective manner.

A separate hall of approximately 600 m² accommodates our comprehensive stock of machinery needed for the machine and equipment conversion services offered by us.